We’re the web3-oriented development studio located in the centre of Tokyo.

Our vision

Lead the overall web3 business/strategic development with the global enginering and marketing team.


  1. Strong development of web3 products
  2. Capable global production team
  3. Bootstrap the web3/crypto-finance business strategically

💁‍♀️Core members

Founder: Norika Kizawa

Hi, I’m Nori! I bootstrapped Cerberus Research🐶 to accelerate your Web3 product shipping. I’ve been collaborated with >10 global clients to design, build and operate their products. Mostly my role is CTO for early-stage startups.

On the other hand, I’m organizing the blockchain CTF community, called CatsTheFlag. We produce the quizzes for smart contract auditors/developers.


🎙️Personal Publication


👣Next Step

💡Philosophy of building software business

Our Achievements

ConvictionNFT🤝 ←🏆1st-Trending@OpenSea


Japanese animation studio started their NFT projects with high qualified artist teams led by ex DragonBall animator team!🎱

our contribution

We collaborated to design and build their unique products from scratch and shipped them.


Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 14.58.12.png

ConvictionNFT sold out 4000 collections and became the 1st rank at OpenSea’s Trending chart over 1 week from 25th October, 2023.

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 14.58.28.png

Web3hackingClass👩‍🏫 @ShinshuUniversity🇯🇵

Gave the 2 weeks University class at Shinshu-university for junior(3rd) undergrad students in the technology faculty.

  1. 1st week session

    Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 13.30.27.png

  2. 2nd week session

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